How to Pick the Correct Sauce for Your Dish

How to Pick the Correct Sauce for Your Dish

With pasta being such a vital part of Italian cuisine, many different types of Italian sauce are available, which can make it overwhelming to decide which sauce you should use for your dish. We will be going through a few different types of sauce and their applications to help you determine what pasta sauces may be best for your recipe.

Sauce is such an essential part of the dish that many meals have the specific sauce they use in their names, such as spaghetti bolognese, which uses a bolognese sauce, penne alla vodka, which means it's been cooked with vodka, and Italian carbonara which uses carbonara sauce. Some sauce names might make the sauce self-explanatory, but others may be slightly more difficult to figure out, such as bolognese, an Italian tomato sauce with meat.

Some sauces, like olio e agli, use fewer ingredients than others, which may be helpful for beginners. Other pasta sauce recipes are more complicated to prepare, such as puttanesca, which uses garlic cloves, anchovy filets, and red pepper, or Italian alfredo sauce, which employs more simple ingredients such as cream and cheese but uses many different ingredients and proportions to get the proper mix and consistency.

As you experiment with sauces, you will notice that Italian olives are a vital ingredient in Italian cuisine. Whether it is used in its pure form or as an oil, you will use these olives in some aspect

for your dishes to taste their best. These sauces are also not exclusively to be used for pasta; many Italian sauces also pair amazingly with meat dishes.

We know that crafting sauces from scratch can be daunting, but there is no need to fear because many fabulous Italian sauces can be store-bought, such as Fratelli Contorno or Il Borgo

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