Gift Guide for the Foodie in Your Life

Gift Guide for the Foodie in Your Life

We all have that one person in our lives who loves food as a higher art form. They’re always up on the latest restaurants, love to experiment with cooking, or perhaps just profoundly appreciate the epicurean pleasures of life. Maybe ‘that person you know’ is you. Either way, whether it’s a friend, a colleague, or yourself who needs a foodie gift, we’re putting together the ultimate gift guide so you’ll be full of inspiration next time you want to give them a little extra love. 

We’ll start with dessert because we have some truly scrumptious Italian pastries here.

Our favorite pick is Pennisi Cannoli Shells for the DIYer in your life. These hand-made Sicilian cannoli shells are crispy, highly durable, and surprisingly delicious in their own right! These are an essential gift for someone who would enjoy making their own cannoli filling but wants to start with a high-quality shell. These shells come chocolate-lined, too! They’re extremely snackable and make an incredible cannoli. 

For panettone lovers (and who isn’t?), we have a variety of unique flavors to choose from. Some of our favorites include this Wild Berry Panettone, which features a blend of blackcurrant, raspberry, blackberries, and wild strawberries added to the classic dough; Traditional Milanese Panettone Babbo Natale, produced the traditional way using sourdough starter and studded with candied fruits; and Panettone Nocciole, a panettone with raisins covered with icing and hazelnuts; and Limoncello Panettone, filled with fragrant Limoncello cream.

These panettone aren’t just ridiculously delicious; they’re also gorgeously hand-wrapped and look almost too beautiful to open. Don’t worry, though; you’ll be glad you did once you taste them! 

On the more savory side, a stockpile of authentic Italian Arrabbiata sauce is the best friend of any home cook. Add some specialty imported ‘00’ flour so their Italian pasta can really shine. 

If your foodie loves coffee, consider Whole Organic Arabica Espresso Beans, an award-winning, full-bodied, organic coffee with rich flavors of honey, toasted almond, and hazelnut. Don’t forget to add some sweets to go along with that espresso! A delightful assortment of classic specialty cookies from Tumminello or traditional, crunchy Cantuccini with chunks of fig and almonds are both perfect accompaniments to coffee and tea. 

Feel free to browse our featured collections to personalize your gifts, and have fun curating the best foodie gift basket ever! 

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