Classic Italian Staples Perfect for Family Dinner

Classic Italian Staples Perfect for Family Dinner

Having dinner with family is an essential part of Italian culture so, of course, there are tons of classic Italian dishes that are perfect for a family dinner. Whether you are a fan of cheese, pasta, chicken, fish, or meat, there are countless amazing recipes that Italy has created to help you be the hero of dinner time.

Italian pasta dishes are some of the most versatile dishes for family dinners. This is because, along with the number of different and unique meals you can make using pasta, it is also a relatively inexpensive dish to prepare. You can also easily increase the portions if you have to feed many people or want to have leftovers. For example, an Italian carbonara is a pasta dish made with cheese, pork, and black pepper. Because so few ingredients are used to make this delicious meal, you can increase the portion size significantly without a daunting trip to the grocery store. Sausage pasta and burrata pasta are also great and simple additions to your culinary arsenal that take little time to prepare and have easily modified portions. As you familiarize yourself with Italian spices and cooking techniques, you can even make more advanced pasta recipes, such as a traditional lasagna recipe or pasta puttanesca.

If you are having a traditional Italian family dinner, then pasta will only be the meal's first course. Now, as we start to talk about mains, there are a few different ways you can go about depending on your choice of protein. Many classic Italian foods use chicken as the primary protein source, allowing you to make dishes such as scarpariello chicken, chicken parmesan, or

chicken piccata. If you prefer dark meat as your source of protein, then you have options for dishes such as Fiorentina, ossobuco, or arista di maiale. This main course is typically served with Italian side dishes such as a salad or rice and vegetables.

If you want to end your family dinner with something special and sweet, you can look at some Italian dessert recipes. Tiramisu or a panna cotta dish are both great desserts that can be made from scratch or store-bought if baking isn't necessarily your cup of tea, but there is no better way to end a classic Italian-style family dinner than with a little sweet treat

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