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Panettone Etoile

Panettone Etoile

Low, naturally leavened product with raisins and candied orange peel. Produced with fresh yeast obtained from sourdough starter using the typical process for Panettone Milanese. The product shows peculiar superficial cuts and has a golden brown crust on the surface with slightly different hues. Inside, the product has a typical honeycombed structure. The baked dough’s color is intense yellow. The fragrance is typical. The taste is typical of Panettone Milanese, namely sweet with a strong candied fruits and raisins note.

Ingredients: Flour with stone-ground wheat germ, vanilla berries of Bourbon quality from Madagascar, freshly candied Sicilian oranges with cane sugar, fine Tuscan acacia honey, whole Cervia sea salt, Australian “5 Corone” raisins and fresh Charentes-Poitou butter.

Packaging: 1kg

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