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Golfetta - Salami

Golfetta - Salami

Golfetta is made from selected Italian ham, sourced from the region which produces pork for Parma and San Daniele Prosciutto PDO (pork born, raised and slaughtered in Italy). Unmistakable, with its distinctive shape and its white cotton casing, Golfetta continues to be a leader in the competitive Italian charcuterie market. The combination of selected Italian ingredients and exclusive processing, originates a salami with high protein and low fat content, with a unique taste.

Made only with the finest and leanest Italian pork cuts, Golfetta Salami is the leader in the Italian charcuterie market. Light and tasty, it’s ideal for the modern consumer, with 65% less fat and 60% less sodium content than USDA average data for Italian Salami.

Packaging: 7lbs, 3oz (pre-sliced)

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