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Ronzoni Pasta

Ronzoni Pasta
Ronzoni Macaroni Company was founded by Emanuele Ronzoni. Ronzoni emigrated to the United States from San Fruttuoso, Italy, in 1881, at the age of 11. While in his teens, he worked at a series of jobs in the macaroni business in New York. In 1892, he and a partner started a small macaroni company, and in 1895, he joined two other partners to create the Atlantic Macaroni Company, where for 19 years, he was in charge of production. In 1915, Emanuele began his own business on Northern Boulevard. This was the beginning of the Ronzoni Macaroni Company. Due to volume demands, new plants were built two more times in Long Island City, New York. Combining new technology and a strong commitment to quality, Ronzoni became the number one pasta in the New York area - the largest pasta market in the country and the second-largest pasta market in the world. The 1950's and 1960's were the period of the company's most significant growth with expansion of facilities and new market introductions. Ronzoni became available in nearly every st


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